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Behind the Shipping Label: A History of FedEx

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Hold on tight to Wilson as we sail the waters into the history of FedEx (FDX) - Get FedEx Corporation Report .

It all started in 1965 when Fred Smith, a Yale undergraduate, wrote a term paper outlining a system to accommodate urgent, time-sensitive shipments. 

On the first night of continuous operation, in 1973, 389 Federal Express team members and 14 Dassault Falcon jets deliver186 packages overnight to 25 U.S. cities.

Then, in 1977, Federal Express purchases seven Boeing 727 aircraft, each with a cargo capacity of 40,000 pounds - almost seven times that of the Dassault Falcon.

Federal Express officially adopts "FedEx" as its brand in 1994. The company is recognized as the worldwide standard for fast, reliable service.

After the movie Cast Away was released, Wilson the volleyball was sold at auction to ex-FedEx Office CEO Ken May for $18,500 in 2000.

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