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Over 160 years, Macy's (M - Get Report) has established itself as one of the most iconic retailers in the United States, if not the world. 

From introducing 'novelties' such as colored bath towels to a certain parade you might watch on Thanksgiving, it's hard to imagine a holiday season without that omnipresent red star. 

How Did Macy's Get Its Start?

1844. The son of a Nantucket shopkeeper, R.H. Macy, opened his own needle and thread store in Boston. That shop didn't work out... But Macy persevered.

1858. Macy gave it a go in New York City opening up what was called a "fancy shop". It opened in the low rent district on 14th and 6th avenue.  

And well, we know that so much more has happened since then.  Watch the video for a video history.

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