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Macy's History: From Small Dry Goods Store to Global Retailer

Watch the video timeline detailing Macy's history.

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Over 160 years, Macy's (M) - Get Macy's, Inc. Report has established itself as one of the most iconic retailers in the United States, if not the world. 

From introducing 'novelties' such as colored bath towels to a certain parade you might watch on Thanksgiving, it's hard to imagine a holiday season without that omnipresent red star. 

How Did Macy's Get Its Start?

1844. The son of a Nantucket shopkeeper, R.H. Macy, opened his own needle and thread store in Boston. That shop didn't work out... But Macy persevered.

1858. Macy gave it a go in New York City opening up what was called a "fancy shop". It opened in the low rent district on 14th and 6th avenue.  

And well, we know that so much more has happened since then.  Watch the video for a video history.

Macy's is set to report fiscal second-quarter earnings for 2019 before the bell on Wednesday, August 14.

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