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How Alibaba Got to Where It Is Today and Where It Could Head Next

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Alibaba (BABA) is back on investors' minds as the Chinese conglomerate reportedly files for a $20 billion second listing in Hong Kong. 

Before you worry about the future, take a trip into the past: 

  • Alibaba, named after the character from Arabian Nights, was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma and reached profitability by 2001.
  • In 2014 it's IPO was the biggest in history and by 2017 it became the first Chinese company to reach a $400 billion market cap.
  • Some of their products include: Alipay, AliExpress, Taoboa, Yahoo China, and many more.

In more recent news, Alibaba Group reached a deal to acquire NetEase's (NTES) e-commerce business unit, Kaola, for about $2 billion.

The giant Chinese online retailer, also said it would invest $700 million into NetEase's streaming music business, NetEase Cloud Music.

Kaola will continue to operate independently, but the general manager of Alibaba's Tmall business will lead the company as CEO.

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