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Roku was founded as a limited liability company by ReplayTY founder Anthony Wood.

The Name comes from the Japanese word Roku meaning "six" and was named so because it was the sixth company that Anthony Wood started.


The then-Vice President of Netflix, Wood had Roku incorporated, with Netflix as an investor of $6 million, to build a player.

Roku Streaming Players are set-top boxes for the delivery of over-the-top content.  Content is provided by Roku partners, identified using the "channel" vernacular.


The Company held an initial public offering of stock and began trading on the NASDAQ exchange.

Roku has about 22million monthly active users.

The average watching time is 50 hours per month.

7 billion hours amount of content streamed on Roku in the first half of 2017.

2.9 billion of those hours included advertising.

$48.1 Million

Amount Roku is spending on research and development.

At this point, unless you've never spoken to a millennial or you'e holding on to that cable package for dear life, you've probably heard of Roku (ROKU - Get Report) . 

The company provides a wide variety of streaming devices that allow users to steam anything from Netflix (NFLX - Get Report) to Youtube (GOOGL - Get Report) . 

Roku has around 22 million monthly active users and the average watch time is around 50 hours a month. 

Since its IPO in 2017, investors have kept a close watch on Roku's ticker. Will its latest earnings report be binge-worthy?