medicare and social security benefits

Ask Bob: Why Does My Medicare Premium Take My Entire Social Security Check?

A reader took a withdrawal from her Thrift Savings Plan and now her Medicare premium is so high she has no Social Security benefit. Adviser Jim Shagawat explains how this happens.

Ask the Hammer: Jeffrey Levine of Buckingham Wealth Partners answers Retirement Daily reader questions.

Ask the Hammer: Should I Convert My Term Life to Permanent Life Insurance?

Jeffrey Levine, chief planning officer at Buckingham Wealth Partners, discusses in this Retirement Daily video whether a reader should convert a term life insurance policy to a permanent life insurance policy.

saving for retirement

Pay Less in Taxes—And Get Closer to Financial Independence—With 2 Simple Strategies

The less you spend—whether it’s on discretionary items or paying taxes—the more you have left over to save. Adviser Rachel Podnos O'Leary outlines two basic strategies.