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Feb. 2004

Facebook (then called "thefacebook") was founded by Zuckerberg, Moskovitz, Saverin and Hughes.

March 2004

Facebook spreads to three other college campuses - Yale, Columbia and Stanford.

Sept. 2004

The site launches the now infamous "wall" - which allows users to post things and receive messages on their own page.

May 2005

Facebook expands to over 800 college campuses and high school networks and adds photos.

May 2012

Facebook releases their IPO- which raised $16 billion and gave the company a $102.4 billion market value.


Marketplace launches - allowing users to buy and sell products.

April 2018

Zuckerberg testifies before Congress regarding concerns over data and privacy breaches.

Approximately 83.6 percent of Facebook's daily active users are outside the United States and Canada.

After winning re-election in 2012, a photo of Obama and the First Lady embracing with the caption "Four more years" generated the most likes of any photo in Facebook history.

The original "face" that appeared on the site belonged to none other than Oscar-winner Al Pacino.

A 2013 University of Michigan study found that spending a lot of time on the social media site might be making users more depressed. 

And just like that, our baby is well into its angsty teenage years. Facebook (FB) celebrated its 15th anniversary on February 4. 

While Action Alerts Plus name Facebook had a 2018 it would rather forget with controversy after controversy, a recent earnings beat may have investors singing a different song. 

On January 30, Mark Zuckerberg's company reported Q4 revenue of $16.91 billion (up 30% annually in dollars and 33% in constant currency) and GAAP EPS of $2.38, topping consensus analyst estimates of $16.39 billion and $2.18. Ad revenue rose 30% to $16.64 billion, and (thanks to hardware sales) "payments and other fees" revenue rose 42% to $274 million.

Once upon a time, good news from Facebook was the norm rather than the exception:  

  • February 2004: "thefacebook" began at Harvard.
  • September 2004: Facebook launches its now infamous wall.
  • May 2005: Facebook spreads to 800 college campuses and high school networks. 
  • May 2012: Facebook IPOs with a $102.4 billion market value. 

Will Facebook's next 15 years have more to like? Only time and an earnings report or two can tell.