Bloch Got It Right -- Now He Gets the Credit

All summer and fall, Ralph Bloch stuck by his guns, repeatedly pointing out the weaknesses of this market. Cramer must now doff his virtual hat.
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With the


now treading water, up no more than 0.6% for the year, it is time to praise somebody who got it right whom I knocked.

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When I used to be on


-- before the program director decided otherwise -- I used to see Ralph Bloch in the green room. The

Raymond James

analyst is always a joy, a pure joy, one of those characters who reminds me about the good side of this business: people with outsized personalities who can still tell a good yarn and don't take themselves so seriously that you think you are working at a law firm.

Ralph told me to look out below, that we were headed back to 10,000 on the



I was dismissive, I liked the tape. All summer and fall he stuck by his guns repeatedly pointing out the weaknesses of this market, despite his generally jolly disposition.

I was wrong about Ralph. He got it right. While there are plenty of people taking potshots at the Acamporas for being too flip-floppy and the Cohens for being too obliviously consistent, I just thought I should take a moment to point out that Bloch has every right to ask me to eat my hat -- if I wore one. Instead, I will doff my virtual hat to him and I await his next call now that we are where he said we were going to go.

I know by pointing this out I will open myself to a new onslaught of Cramer bashers on the boards, but I don't give a &^$*$&. Bloch was right, and he deserves the praise that comes from being right. I am giving it to him. Nice going, Ralph! Now come on our TV show and let me have it in person!

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