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Dow Jumps 400 Points as Powell Again Says Economy Needs Support

Stocks rise after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell reiterates the central bank will continue its support of the U.S. economy.


Can Salesforce Snap Out of Its Funk With Earnings?

Salesforce has been consolidating for months now. Will earnings finally break it free? Let's look at the chart for some key levels.

Jim Cramer: Lowe's Results Should Be Good

Jim Cramer Says Buy Lowe's Right Here

Jim Cramer has some thoughts on Lowe's after earnings.

robinhood (6)

What Jim Cramer Learned About Robinhood During Dave Portnoy's Tenev Interview

Jim Cramer has some thoughts about Dave Portnoy interviewing Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev.

Despite Tough Going on Wall Street, Main Street Loves Square

Buy the Earnings Dip in Square? Let's Look at the Chart

Square has been on fire this year but has endured a multi-day dip. Let's look at the charts to see if this latest selloff is an opportunity.

Worried About Nike? LeBron James Isn't

Crypto Conversation: It's Game On for NBA Top Shot

Dapper Labs and the National Basketball Association have teamed up for these high value digital trading cards.

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Breaking Down The COVID Discount and Its Impact on the Commercial Real Estate Market

What is the COVID discount and which sectors will shine in 2021? In a free webinar, one expert breaks it all down.

Condo vs. Townhouse: Difference and Comparison

The Future of Land Values in 2021

What will the future of land parcels look like 2021? Two experts at CREXi, one of the largest commercial real estate exchanges, discuss that and more in the video above.

Retail shopping

Here’s What Retail Recovery Looks Like In 2021

What was no surprise as the pandemic hit was the shift to online shopping. In a free webinar, a team of experts share their thoughts around retail recovery for 2021.

Coronavirus: US Stocks Rise On Massive Stimulus Plan, Defying Record Jobless Claims

Latest Stimulus and Retirement News for Financial Advisors

Latest for financial advisors: Stimulus and retirement plans, gender diversity in financial services, and actively managed ETFs with the biggest 3-year gains

Jim Cramer on How to Prep Your Portfolio Ahead of the Hearing of Former FBI Director James Comey

Beyond Diversification: All About Asset Allocation

In a new book, Sébastien Page explains how professional money managers construct investment portfolios

NOT FOR REUSE / Tiffany Aliche

Six Black Financial Experts You Should Follow

Meet Tiffany Aliche, known as The Budgetnista, and 5 other financial pros who are big on helping people with their money

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Got a Side Gig? Here Are Some Tax Basics

If you became a gig worker during the pandemic, beware: Your taxes just got more complicated. Here's what to know.

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Tax Law Changes in 2020 That Can Fatten Your Refund

These top 10 tax law changes in 2020 could end up boosting your refund for the 2020 tax year once filing time rolls around.

Fantasy Sports Giants Face Reality

Tax Considerations for Fantasy Sports Fans

Fantasy sports leagues can yield hefty winnings if Lady Luck smiles on you. What many don't realize, is that those net winnings constitute taxable income.

Cathie Wood Lead

What Jim Cramer Wants Investors to Understand About Cathie Wood

Jim Cramer breaks down his thoughts on Cathie Wood's investing style and her recent decision to pick up more shares of Tesla.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Testifies to Congress on Tuesday; Here's What to Expect

150 CEOs Urge Congress to Pass Biden Stimulus Plan

Leaders of Google, Goldman Sachs and 150 other companies issued a public letter supporting Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus plan.

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Jim Cramer Says Cyclicals Are 'Still on Fire,' Buy Boeing

Jim Cramer weighs in on Boeing and Disney and what the two stocks say about markets Wednesday.