Jim Cramer: I Think Walmart Is Doing Many Things Right

Walmart Recalls Room Spray Containing Deadly Bacteria

Walmart recalls Better Homes and Gardens Essential Oil Infused Aromatherapy room spray due to deadly bacteria that was found in a bottle of the product.

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Uber Freight Tells Cramer it Can Help Fix Shipping

With an emphasis on efficiency, Uber Freight's app matches shipments that are ready to go with drivers ready to drive.

SkyWest Airlines Lead

SkyWest Cancels 1,600 Flights Over Computer Server Issues

SkyWest Airlines said computer server issues on Thursday caused about 1,600 flight cancellations through Saturday.

After Backing Bush and Kasich, David Tepper Says He's With Her

Tepper: 'I Don’t Think There’s any great asset classes Now'

'I don’t love stocks. I don’t love bonds. I don’t love junk bonds,' he told CNBC. The S&P 500 hit an all-time zenith of 4,560 Friday.

SpaceX founder and chief engineer Elon Musk (seen in January last year) joined Clubhouse on Monday, the same day stock rocketed by 30 per cent on Friday's closing price. Photo: Reuters

Elon Musk Mocks Apple’s Cleaning Cloth

Tesla CEO Tweaks Apple CEO Tim Cook over $19 cleaning cloth in tweet

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Intel Stock: One Thing Stands Between It and Another 11% Decline

Intel stock is dropping after its earnings report, but a further 11% decline could be in the cards unless Intel holds a key support level.

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Which Cars Are Stolen the Most?

Here are the cities with the highest vehicle theft rates, the states with the highest and lowest theft rates, and the car models that are stolen the most.

Cleveland-Cliffs to Buy AK Steel for $1.1 Billion

Cleveland-Cliffs Stock Leaps After Q3 Earnings Beat, Steel Price Outlook

Cleveland-Cliffs forecast higher average steel selling prices for next year, adding to the market reaction to stronger-than-expected third quarter earnings.

Wall Street NYSE Lead

Stock Market Live: S&P 500, Dow Hit Fresh Record Highs, Tech Hit By Snap Ad Spend Warning

Both the Dow and the S&P 500 hit a fresh record highs Friday, but tech stocks are lagging thanks to a warning on ad spending from Snap and another move north in Treasury bond yields.

Intel's production has been sharply disrupted by pandemic-related shutdowns in countries outside China. Photo: AP

Intel Stock Tumbles After Mixed Q3 Earnings, Near-Term Profit Margin Warning

Intel's plans to ramp-up its chip making capacity will clip near-term profit margins, the tech group warned late Thursday, sending shares sharply lower in pre-market trading.

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Retirement Is More Than a Solid Financial Plan

Finding your clients’ keys to a better retirement.

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Do You Have a Financial Emergency Kit?

You could lose everything in a natural disaster, but recovery can be a lot easier if you have these documents somewhere safe.

IRA vs. 401(k): What's the Difference and How Do You Choose?

Retirement Account Rollovers and the Fiduciary Rule: New Guidance

Advisers who recommend that retirement plan participants roll accounts to an IRA or annuity will generally be viewed as providing fiduciary advice

2. The IRS has staffing and computer issues

What Is the IRS Wash-Sale Rule?

The IRS wash-sale rule is designed to prevent taking tax deductions for securities sold in a wash sale, but what exactly is a wash sale, and are there exceptions?

Cryptocurrency Lead

Cryptocurrency May Soon Be Subject to Wash-Sale Rule

What is the wash-sale rule? Here's why crypto investors may soon have to track cost basis to avoid violating this tax law.

Turbotax Webinar 0305 10 Cryptocurrency Lead

Are Bitcoins Taxed? A Guide to Capital Gains and Losses

Lots of cryptocurrency tax questions? Is crypto taxed like real estate? Lisa Greene-Lewis of TurboTax has the answers. (Video Interview)

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Why the Reported PayPal-Pinterest Deal May Not Have Legs to Stand On

Bob Lang breaks down the reports that PayPal is interested in Pinterest and explains why he's skeptical of any deal between PayPal and Pinterest coming to fruition.

American Express Lead

Earnings Recap: American Express, Cleveland-Cliffs, Honeywell, Intel

Here are the latest earnings from American Express, Intel, Cleveland-Cliffs, Honeywell, Schlumberger and more.

NYSE Stock Market Wall Street

Facing the Wall of Worry - Analyst Calls Market Sentiment 'Basically Emotion'

Action Alerts PLUS portfolio manager Bob Lang says that sentiment in the market is 'basically emotion'