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Elon Musk Twitter Lead JS

Analysts Consider Twitter Under Musk Regime

Social media analysts react on the news Elon Musk has finally agreed to acquire Twitter according to the original terms.

Closing Bell: Credit Suisse Close to DoJ Settlement; Dow Fails to Capture 20,000

Credit Suisse Is in Deep Trouble

The Swiss banking giant is embroiled in a succession of financial scandals that now threaten its future.

Eviation Alice Lead JS 100422

Internet Reacts to Eviation’s All-Electric Passenger Plane

In the days after a video was posted to Twitter showing Eviation Aircraft's new zero-emission plane taking to the sky for its inaugural flight, users of the microblogging website are reacting with both enthusiasm and criticism.

Credit Suisse Lead JS 100322

As Credit Suisse Tries to Survive, Anxious Employees Put Heads Down

The Swiss bank is due to unveil its turnaround plan on Oct. 27, a deadline employees say is too far off given the circumstances.

Ray Dalio Lead

Dalio Steps Down as CIO, Cedes Control of World's Top Hedge Fund

Ray Dalio's new title at Bridgewater Associates will be founder and CIO mentor. He will remain a board member.

Costco Lead JS

Costco Made a Huge Mistake Just Like Walmart and Target

The warehouse club admits that it made some errors, but it has a plan to fix the issue that should delight members.

Man Lipstick Lead JS 100422

Why the Future of the Beauty Industry Is Genderfluid

More beauty brands are turning towards gender-free marketing than ever before.

Apartments Lead KL

Three Stocks to Consider as REITs Take a Dive

Roaring interest rates have decimated real estate investment trusts in 2022, with the FTSE Nareit REIT index losing 28% so far this year.

Greg Abel Lead

Buffett's Successor Buys Berkshire Shares

Greg Abel bought shares of Berkshire for the first time since he was promoted to vice chairman.

Elon Musk Lead JS

Elon Musk Sends Scathing Message to Tesla Investors

The CEO of Tesla has just proven once again that he is an iconoclastic boss.

Retirement Plan Lead

This May Be the Worst Financial Advice Ever Shared

If you want to retire or ever be financially comfortable, please ignore this Nobel-prize winning investing theory (the stock market is your friend).

1. San Jose, Calif.

Where Our Bills are Highest: Think Coastal Cities

The average combined monthly cost for U.S. household bills in 10 major categories is $2,003 a month.

Michael Burry Lead JS 091322

'Big Short' Burry Warns That a Repeat of the 2008 Crisis Is in Sight

The legendary financier reiterates his warnings of a market collapse on the way.

Target Lead JS

Target Adds More Disney, Walmart Bets on Convenience

Walmart, Target share big (and very different) holiday plans.

TheStreet Financial Channels

Stock Exchange Markets Stocks Trader Lead

Stock Market Today: Stocks Soar as Wall Street Looks to Extend October Rebound

Stocks end sharply higher as investors extend October's rally to a second day after September's steep rout and ahead of Friday's critical non-farm payrolls report.


A Different Perspective on Fed Tightening

The Fed has been raising short-term interest rates from near zero with guidance that more hikes are coming. Is this a tightening of monetary policy?

NYSE Stock Market Trader

Stocks Higher, Meta, Rivian, and Elon Musk Told to F--- Off - Five Things To Know

Stock futures jump as October relief rally continues; Meta Scales Back In NY; Rivian Hits Delivery Targets; Ukraine Ambassador tells Elon Musk to F--- Off.

THUMB Combined Income JS 091322

How to Calculate Taxable Social Security Benefits

How does the IRS calculate how much of your social security benefits are taxable? The formula is complicated, our tax pro walks retirees through it with examples.

THUMB Spouse Healthcare JS 091322

How to Use HSA for Spouse's Medical Expenses - Tips and Examples

A Health Savings Account (HSA) has many benefits. If you're thinking about paying for your spouse's health coverage with it, our tax pro says taxpayers should consider these implications first

THUMB Filing Taxes JS 092022

Understanding Taxes for Expats

If you live abroad as an American expat and have taxable income, you still need to remain compliant with your U.S. expat taxes.

THUMB Apple JS 100422

Apple Will Be Forced to Switch Its Chargers by 2024...At Least in Europe

The EU voted to force Apple to adapt its products to be compatible with USB-C chargers in order to reduce waste and save consumers money.