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Your Back-To-School Tech Checklist

Get a head start on the list that catches us (and our kids) off guard every single year.

Everyone has a back-to-school supply list from teachers, but what about the "list nobody ever tells you?" Parents, you know the one. It's all that last minute, urgent - we're going to be late for school now stuff - that catches us off guard every single year. The printer ink is out (again) the night before a big paper's due. Your teens got sucked into Snapchat when they should have been doing homework. You can't find your car keys and you're all going to be late!

Whatever the catastrophe, large or small, here's a new back-to-school tech checklist that could save a whole lot of hassle. Not to mention, a little time, money, and maybe even a few tears too. You're welcome.

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