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You Won't Hear London's Iconic Big Ben Toll for Four Years

Big Ben will chime for the last time next Monday at noon

London's iconic Big Ben tower clock will toll for the last time for four years at noon Monday as part of a multi-billion pound refurbishment program at the Palace of Westminster.

The bell, which is known as Big Ben, will fall silent until 2021 as the Elizabeth Tower in which it sits undergoes renovation work, the House of Commons said Monday, Aug. 14. The four year silence will be the longest in the bell's 157-year history.

Big Ben weighs 13.7 tonnes and strikes every hour to the note of E and its bongs every 15 minutes. The last time the bongs fell silent was in 2007 for maintenance, and between 1983-1985 as part of a previous large scale refurbishment program.

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