Technology has a way of disrupting much in the world - and that includes all things retirement.
And that's what Pension Research Council (PRC) explored during a two-symposium in May. Experts from around the world gathered to discuss how technological innovation is changing the retirement marketplace, insurance markets, and how retirement plan sponsors help shape workers' pension saving, investment, and decumulation plans.

And our very own Robert Powell, editor of Retirement Daily, sat down with Olivia Mitchell, the executive director of the PRC at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  They discussed how fintech  -- or the use of technology to support banking and financial services -- holds a great deal of promise, but how it's not yet fully helping those saving for or living in retirement.

So you still need to do some work yourself.  And the best place to start is with a budget. Do you know how much you spend now?  Can you then extrapolate that amount into retirement?
Listen to the clip above as they talk about just that.  But be sure to listen to the full conversation as Powell and Mitchell talk about the future of fintech in retirement.

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