I've met a lot of wonderful people over the years, but it takes a lot to blow me away.

Louise Yamada did just that and that is why she is this week's Alpha Rising, TheStreet's Web Show showcasing women who have made their mark on Wall Street and are passing along the lessons they've learned to others.

This small-framed woman, who is one of the first female stock market technicians, is such a force that I found myself getting emotional when she left.

For me, I had met one of my idols. I entered the workforce after graduate school back in 1993, when there were very few women to look up to. Not only was Yamada on top, she was making noise. 

She spent 25 years at Smith Barney as Managing Director and Head of Technical Research and authored a must-read weekly report.

In 1994 she put out a report titled, "Bull Market Extension? There is Historic Precedent" and that basically put her on the map.

I was an accountant with the then Ernst & Young and thought she was brilliant and amazing.

She has called everything from the Enron fiasco to the dot com debacle and was way ahead of the financial collapse in 2007

So finally meeting her, all these years later, was a gift. And not just because I got to listen - in person -- to her astute market predictions. But because I realized that she too was a young single mother when she embarked on her career. (I was a single mom with three little ones when I started my journalistic journey.)

And that just makes me appreciate her momentous climb even more. 

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