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Trying to Wrap Your Head Around the Fed? This Expert Says Try Washing Your Hair

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Are you keeping an eye on the Fed?

I know that there's a lot of headlines that may be distracting for investors who are trying to figure out what's going to be moving markets.

Greg Hahn, CIO of Winthrop Capital Management, explained what the Fed and your shampoo bottle have in common and what he expects from the trade talks.

"So, this is what we're seeing from monetary policy now in this post-financial crisis world is in remember the Federal Reserve after the financial crisis in 2008, it took major initiatives to get the economy back moving again. We had very, very slow growth. And then the Fed moved from that accommodative policy to very slowly raising interest rates and we felt that they fell short from a normalized policy, but they got as far as they could. So we're 10 years out from the financial crisis now and it's at that point now where we're at that point now where things are slowing and the Fed needs to lower rates. So the rinse, wash, repeat is really let's cut rates, let's see how the market goes, and then we're going to cut rates again until the market slows," said Hahn. 

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