Worried About Trade? Block Out the Noise of the Back and Forth Headlines

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We're getting a lot of back and forth from the White House and the Chinese on the U.S.-China trade war. 

Thursday, we got the news that China recently sentenced fentanyl traffickers to prison, as part of a cooperation between U.S. and Chinese law-enforcement agencies. This sentencing has been interpreted as a demonstration that China is serious about working with Washington.

However, the story changed Friday morning when President Trump announced that he wasn't planning on rolling back the tariffs yet. And, in addition, Trump said that the first phase of a trade pact would be signed in the United States.

Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst with Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS portfolio, weighed in on how investors should look at the headlines. 

Marks advised investors to "block through the noise and really focus on what some of these companies are doing and saying."

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