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See the World's First Hydrogen-Powered Flying Car

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It's feeling a little like The Jetsons.  Or maybe Back to the Future, well, if the Delorean did more hovering.

This new drone-like vehicle is dubbed Skai.

California startup Alaka'i Technologies is behind what they are calling the world's first hydrogen fuel cell powered air mobility solution. They say it will change the way the world moves.  And after watching the trailer, i have no doubt it will too.  You'll have to see it for yourself, the prototype is definitely sleek, cool and futuristic. 

"Skai" was recently introduced to investors and the news media outside the BMW Group's Designworks studio in Newbury Park, a suburb north of Los Angeles.

According to Brian Morrison, Co-Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer of Alaka'i Technologies, "Skai offers practical, real-life solutions to everything from relieving traffic congestion to delivering supplies during natural disasters. Skai is set to offer affordable, realistic applications in the commercial, private, freight, and personal air mobility markets."

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Alaka'i Technologies is a privately held company based in Massachusetts. (Fun tidbit: the company is named after a tropical forest in Hawaii ranked as one of the wettest spots on Earth.) 

Imagine beating the traffic with this personal flying SUV? Yes, your family can come along. It seats up to 5 passengers, can travel for 400 miles and touts this cell-powered air mobility with zero emissions!

And, yes, this too will be eventually flown autonomously.  But, not right away.

So, when could we see this in use?

Well, according to Alaka'i Technologies' press release they have already initiated its test program with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  It reads "pending certification, Skai will create new possibilities in personal mobility for everyone, efficient emergency responses, economical freight distribution, and the utilization of hydrogen fuel cells as a highly reliable, zero-emission power source."

Can't wait to see this easing my New York City commute.  At the price of a luxury car, the Skai might be well worth it.

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