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The Work-From-Home Culture Is Here; How BELAY Is Championing a New Era

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In an environment where many small businesses are struggling to adapt to the mass quarantines around the world, one business is seeing demand rise.

BELAY, founded by husband and wife team Bryan and Shannon Miles, is a provider of virtual assistants.

“We definitely serve a lot of small businesses that have been impacted by the current crisis, so while the majority of our business is not only stable and moving forward, we have experienced loss with some of our clients, which has been really hard to see, they’ve had to shut their doors and therefore cancel, but not many. The new leads that we’re seeing come in, no longer ask the question ‘how does remote work?’” said Shannon Miles.

The inspiration behind the company came from rock climbing, as the founders sought to help small businesses advance with the aid of virtual assistants.

“Belay is a rock climbing term, and I’m a mountain climber,” said Bryan Miles. “We use the term belay to basically say, ‘it’s time for you to go ahead and climb higher.’ That’s what we do at BELAY, our virtual assistants, book keepers, and webmasters, essentially they act in a support role for our clients as they climb higher.”

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