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Behind the Scenes: Women's World Cup Ticker Tape Parade

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You have to be living under a rock -- if you haven't heard by now that the U.S. National Women's Soccer Team took home their second consecutive win at the World Cup this year.

ICYMI - The team beat the Netherlands 2-0 over the weekend to take home the World Cup.  But, we're not a sports website.  So, if you want more on that - head over to ESPN.

Instead, let's talk about what we know best. Wall Street and it's incredible history.

The ticker tape parade takes place here, just steps away.

Ticker Tape Parade History

The last time that there was a ticker tape parade in New York City was back in 2015. And, yes, that was when the women's team also took home the World Cup.

Have you ever wondered - why they call it a ticker tape parade?

The answer actually has to do directly with Wall Street. 

A ticker tape parade is normally held in an urban environment--preferably with taller buildings. 

The parade historically used pages of ticker tape--which Wall Street used once upon a time to transmit stock price information over the telegraph lines.

However, nowadays, the paper used is generally just regular shredded paper. 

Women's World Cup Parade - Behind the Scenes!

So, now that you better understand what a ticker tape parade and its connection to Wall Street, let's watch the video as TheStreet takes you behind the scenes of the Women's World Cup parade, which strolled right by our office on Wall Street Wednesday morning.

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