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How Women in eSports Are Impacting the Industry

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Since 2016, esports viewership has doubled to 41 million from 20 million. 

And, according to Interpret--a research firm--out of a small pool polled, female engagement in esports has soared 305% since 2017. 

"Among people who have watched an esport tournament, the female share has increased 6.5% over the last 2 years from 24.9% to 30.5%. This is a 223% increase among females in total since 2016. Males have seen a 132% increase in esport tournament viewership since 2016," Jesse Divnich, vice president of research & strategy, told TheStreet.

Emily Oeser, a student at SUNY Canton, is an Overwatch team captain. She told TheStreet that she's seen an "astronomical increase" in diversity in esports in the past two years. 

But, while there has been an increase in players and viewers, Jennifer O'Sullivan, a partner at Arent Fox, said that it's important to promote diversity not just in esports players and viewers, but also in the industry itself. 

"Like any other industry, where you are trying to promote diversity, you need to make sure the business is representative of that as well," O'Sullivan said. 

She gave an example of the game studios and publishers, saying that they are just as responsible as the esports leagues to bring women on board.

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