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Wine News: Trends, AMZN Pulling Out of Wine Sales and a CA Fire Update

Jessica Kogan, co-founder of Cameron Hughes Wine, swung by our offices to fill us in on latest trends, what happend with Amazon and gave us an update of the CA fires.

Jessica Kogan and her husband Cameron Hughes founded the wine company in his name out of their car. They basically started buying leftover grapes from vineyards, bottling the wine themselves and selling it out of the trunk.

Kogan, as Chief Marketing Officer, took the company to the next level though because she embraced social media before anyone else in the wine industry. As a result their sales are all online, even available on Groupon.

So she knew firsthand what it meant for wineries as Amazon (AMZN) announced it was pulling out of the wine business. Plus with Cameron Hughes headquarters in Santa Rosa, Hogan had a firsthand account of the state of the California fires

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So listen in for the updates and how to help.

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