Will We See a Rise in Privacy Issues After the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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How will privacy issues be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic?

Rebecca Rose Woodland, litigator and legal analyst, joined TheStreet's Katherine Ross to talk about the impact and whether or not we'll see a rise once we get through the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Katherine Ross: What will privacy issues look like post COVID-19? Joining me today is Rebecca Rose Woodland, litigator and legal analyst. When we're out of this Rebecca, is there a legal precedent for the privacy issues that we're gonna see?

Rebecca Rose Woodland: So that's really interesting. What we're seeing now with COVID is a lot of privacy being given away. So personal privacy, given away for the good of the group. We're seeing cellphones being tracked. Google, Apple, and the government working together to track people's cell phones. Now this is happening in all nations across the world in varying degrees. Some countries are actually tracking individuals knowing your name, your location, where you move to in every given point of the day. Other countries, in a more limited manner, anonymously accumulating this data. But the point is, when COVID is done, when will this end? Or will it end? How can we protect our citizens in America and across the world, how can people protect their own privacy? And that's a big issue legally, we're going to see moving forward.

Katherine Ross: So do you think that we're going to see more lawsuits post COVID-19 pandemic?

Rebecca Rose Woodland: Exactly, we're going to see people saying "Hey that's my personal information." In America, we're gonna see people saying "Constitutionally I have a right to privacy, "I am protected by the constitution "to my private information, my private whereabouts, "where I go, what I do should not be tracked to that level." and what we're finding now, is some of this tracking, that started and instituted during this COVID pandemic doesn't have any sunset clauses which means it doesn't have any end in sight. So I think we're going to see a lot of individuals and groups suing on behalf of the public at large saying "Our privacy is being invaded and it has to stop "and it will stop once this pandemic is over." That's what the groups will want to see. What will Apple and Google and the government want? We'll see, we don't know. We haven't heard yet when this will end, and how.

Katherine Ross: Rebecca, thank you for joining us today and for more on the coronavirus pandemic, head on over to TheStreet.com.

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