Will the Dow hit 20,000 on 'Quadruple Witch' Friday?

Jim Cramer weighs in on the expected surge in volume on the 'Quadruple Witch' Friday
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I do give you a road map to DOW 20,000 in Real Money but what I would point out is that I don't like how we got there. It was good to see for instance Honeywell in the Dow but Honeywell basically gave you a very good outlook but interpreted as very bad. Stock goes down 10. Then goes down seven. I get on Tv and say listen, it's actually better. It's not a downgrade. That's what happened last time when Cote spoke. He's the outgoing CEO. And then the stock goes up. And leads the industrials.. how crazy. Tech going down today. A rotation out of tech is gonna hurt the DOW 20,000 pieces.