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Will Your Retirement Savings Survive Your 100-Year-Life?

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Sure, most of us want to live to to the ripe old age of 100.  After all, a long life can mean deep family relations, a chance to witness the changing world and the opportunity to be a productive contributor to society!

According to a new study released today by AIG, more than half Americans want to reach the century mark. 

The problem is that many (half) are unsure their current savings plan could stretch for a 100-year life, according to the AIG 2019 Plan for 100 survey. And that results in fear and anxiety. In fact, a majority fear running out of money more than death itself, according to the research.

"For humanity's sake it's obviously very hopeful and optimistic," Todd Solash, president of individual retirement at AIG, said in an interview. "But it puts a lot of pressure on them. That's a long time to live and a lot of things can happen over that kind of timeframe."

Watch the video interview with Solash and Robert Powell, TheStreet's Retirement Daily editor. Hear more about the study and how having a retirement-income plan can go a long way toward alleviating that anxiety.

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