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Will LendingRobot's New Product Put Hedge Fund Managers Out of Business?

LendingRobot has a new investment method it says can be an alternative to hedge funds and other fixed income products.

If you are tired of the ups and downs of the stock market, automated peer-to-peer investment company LendingRobot's CEO Emmanuel Marot says his new investment method will provide "predictable returns," with lower fees than a hedge fund.

LendingRobot is expanding his original robo-advisor service, LendingRobot Classic, to a new investment method, called LendingRobot Series, as an alternative to fixed income investments, with average returns as high as 11.5%, the company announced Thursday.

The new investment, will allow accredited investors to pool their monies and invest in four different securities made up of numerous marketplace loans from multiple originators, including online lending companies, including LendingClub (LC) - Get Free Report , Prosper, and Funding Circle.

"Lending Robot Series is like a robo-fund," Marot told TheStreet. "It's like a hedge fund that everything is automated."