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Will Trump's Comments Lead to More White House Departures?

The president's remarks drew the ire of CEOs who resigned from his advisory councils.

President Donald Trump's comments about the events in Charlottesville drew the ire of CEOs who resigned from his various advisory councils, prior to them being disbanded. However, the discord wasn't just contained to business leaders. There has been increasing speculation this week that senior figures within the Trump administration are considering resigning.

One individual who has been at the center of the conversation is Trump's chief economic adviser Gary Cohn. Reports surfaced on Thursday that Cohn was contemplating resigning from his role. However, a variety of voices within the White House and individuals close to Cohn disputed these reports, stating he would be remaining in his job for now.

"It's clear that there is no way for anyone, even a Marine general, to restrain his (Trump's) impulses or counter what he sees on TV and reads on the web," a senior official told Reuters.

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