Will 2019 Make IPOs Great Again?

What should we expect from initial public offerings in 2019? David Ethridge, PwC's U.S. IPO Services Leader, gives TheStreet an outlook.
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We're almost a month into 2019. 

Unfortunately, that means we're over a month into the government shutdown. 

David Ethridge,  PwC's U.S. IPO Services Leader, broke down what he expects for IPO's in 2019 and how the government shutdown is impacting the IPO market.

"I think it's very much a function of where you sit in the pipeline, so if you're already through with your comments and you were a company that said, I'm gonna flip it into the light in the fourth quarter, and you chose not to go, then you're very much feeling a bit of stress right now, because you might've been anticipating going in January before the Feb 14th dropped dead on your financials going stale, and this could be a period of time that's disconcerting for you and your management team. I would say most companies, though, go into this process with a good feeling for their capital plan, where the IPO fits within that, and they're likely to be able to weather the storm on this kind of thing for some period of time," said Ethridge.

"If you were not already in the light with your filing, then this is potentially also disruptive if you thought you were gonna flip it into the light in early January and go," he continued. "If you were someone who was thinking about waiting until you already had your 2018 full-year financials, and dropping those into your filing, this may or may not be affecting your timeline, and I think a lot of these larger IPOs that people have been thinking about in the tech world, at other places, were probably more in that camp, such that this may not yet be that disruptive to their timelines."