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Why Your Dream Job Might Not Be Advertised Online

Opportunity does not always knock online.

Having a hard time finding your dream job?
Give me 60 seconds and I'll help you discover the jobs you are not seeing online.

First, remember advertising jobs, recruiting, reviewing resumes and interviewing all cost money.
That's a big reason why more than half of all jobs are never posted online.

So, I can't stress this enough... NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK!
If you are concerned that your network is not large enough -- reach out to people you might not think of as professional contacts.
Speak with your friends, family, doctor, lawyer... or anyone in the industry where you are looking for a job.
You don't know who they know and it could turn into a valuable connection.

Are you on LinkedIn (MSFT) - Get Free Report ? The answer better be yes! If it is, make sure your profile is up to date.
Recruiters live on LinkedIn, so make sure they can find you and you are putting your best foot forward.

Join organizations in the industry you want to get into.
Go to events where you can meet the contacts that will become part of your network.
You will also learn a lot about the business and how people move around.

When all else fails, make old-fashioned cold calls.
No one likes doing it, but if you get someone on the line from your dream company, your dream job just might be available.

60 Second Tips onTheStreet:

Editor's pick: Originally published July 26.