Why You Should Use the Coronavirus Pandemic to Take Free Online Classes

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Looking to pad your resume? Recently laid off and looking for a way to fill your time and add to your resume?

Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest, joined TheStreet to weigh in on why now might be the time to add to your resume and ways to do that.

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Video Transcript:

What's your key piece of advice for anyone looking to change or add anything to their resume at this point?

Yeah. Well, look, it's also a time to take some free online classes. Some of the great universities are making their classes available. I happen to be on the board of 2U, so full disclosure there, but some of their short courses. This is the time to learn how to code. This is the time to learn about marketing analytics. This is the time to really take an accounting class. There's so much that's available online, some of which will go into your head and others of which is credential, taking the time and pushing it forward. That novel you've been meaning to write. Look, it can be hard to compartmentalize. I was just talking to my daughter. You need to give yourself some time to be nervous, to be scared, to cry, the worry, and then if you're able to put that aside and do something that will help put your career further forward on the other side of this and compartmentalize as aggressively as you're able to.

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