Why There May Be a Trade Decision Before the End of 2019

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Have no fear, a trade decision may be here.

Well, at least by the end of 2019, according to Steve Skancke, Chief Economic Advisor at Keel Point. 

He explained his thoughts on the China-U.S. trade talks, why he doesn't believe that there's an earnings recession by the end of 2019 and his advice for investors.

"I think that we will, but it'll be later in the year. It's unfortunate that the president tweeted such a negative message over the weekend. It's also interesting that the Chinese shifted the venue of the meetings from Beijing, the government capital, to Shanghai, the business capital. Shanghai is booming even with the tariffs in the trade turmoil," said Skancke. 

But how soon is soon?

Skancke said that the trade negotiators will be back in China in September, so he's expecting to hear more there. 

And what about investors who are worried about the second half of 2019?

"Whatever they've decided their risk tolerance is, I think they can be comfortable sticking with that. We're investors get hurt is where they jump in and out of the market, based on their understanding of the news," said Skancke. 

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