Why Sears is One of Jim Cramer's 'Finest Hours'

Jim Cramer explains why Sears is one of his 'finest hours.'
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Bye-bye Sears?

Sears (SHLDQ) is on the auction block Monday, Jan. 14. 

Just last week, Eddie Lampert's hedge fund, ESL, raised its bid for the iconic retailer to $5 billion

Here's why Jim Cramer feels like it's one of his 'finest hours."

"I got people out at $140," he told TheStreet. "It then is going to go to $0. I don't know how to do better than that, other than if I had sold at $170. And the reason that we sold at $140 is because I realized that real estate is going to go down in value."

TheStreet sat down with a bankruptcy attorney to discuss the various outcomes for Sears after the auction.