Why Now Is the Time to Nibble at the Stock Market

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It's been a wild ride in the markets. 

Tuesday, we saw the Dow plunge 640 points at the low. The Dow regained slightly, but still closed down nearly 450 points. 

Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst for Action Alerts Plus, weighed in on what Jim Cramer's members-only investing club is watching in the markets. 

"I think the last time I was on here, we talked a lot about how Action Alerts Plus was doing. A lot of trimming in the portfolio [because] we were just feeling very piggish how a lot of stocks have run year to date. So we pulled some back then. I'm feeling great about that now, obviously. What's kind of transpired over the last two days, I think that if you're looking at what to do, you know, the time to sell might've passed. Now obviously you can't put a price on peace of mind. So if you're someone who's just really unsure about this kind of volatile time, then you want to readdress what your own risk is," said Marks. 

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