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Why Nordstrom Is Opening Flagship Store in Age of Amazon

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Nordstrom (JWN) is opening its flagship store on Thursday, Oct. 24. 

Nordstrom's CFO, Anne Bramman, talked to TheStreet about the opening of the flagship store in midtown, and the strength of the consumer.

But why, in the age of Amazon (AMZN) , is Nordstrom focusing on a flagship store?

"We've been looking at the New York market for years and we saw this opportunity to build a flagship in the fashion authority of New York City. And so what better way to represent our brand and to be there for our customers? The way we're really looking at this as entering the market. So it's already our largest digital market and we find that customers, we want to serve in any way they want to shop. And so combining both the digital and the physical assets in this market along with our fantastic employees is a way to really elevate our customer experience," said Bramman. 

But, with consumers migrating to stores like T.J. Maxx (TJX) for the treasure hunt experience, is Nordstrom focusing on Nordstrom Rack? 

"We find our customers actually like to shop both [Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack]. And it's a great way to customers' experience the Nordstrom brand. They're typically a little bit younger and as they learned, the brands that we have, they actually start migrating into our full-price stores like the store that we're opening in Manhattan," she continued.

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