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Why Netflix Is an 'Analog' for This Market

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Happy Friday!

So, what exactly was top of mind for Jim Cramer on Friday?

"Not the mystery virus cause I covered that yesterday. And that's hotels and that's airlines and that's high-end jewelry. And it's makeup--Estee Lauder. No, I want to cover Netflix. And the reason why I want to cover Netflix is, Netflix is an, I'd say, it's an analog for this entire market. They report a quarter. It's roundly criticized. People think that they've lost their way. People think that America's slowing. What happens? It goes down nine...Then more today. So that is a situation where a lot of people have given up on it and they come right back. That's what you must remember, the resilience of the winners. Resilience," said Cramer.

When Netflix reported earnings earlier this week, it reported U.S. subscriber adds that came in at 420,000, missing expectations of 589,000. Netflix's total of 167 million paid subscribers was 20% higher than in January 2018.

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