Why Multi-Sector CEOs Are on the Rise

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CEOs switching sectors is apparently becoming increasingly popular. 

Through 2015 to 2019, CEOs switching sectors across the sports and entertainment landscape climbed to 45%. 

To put this in context, only 11% of CEOs were making the switch from 2010 to 2014. 

SRI, a global executive search and talent consulting firm, identified and tracked the moves made by CEOs in a new study called "Rise of the Convergence Trailblazers."

Keith McAllister, a partner with SRI, joined TheStreet to weigh in on the study and to break down why CEOs are making cross-industry moves.

SRI did 19 interviews with top leaders--including Erika Nardini, CEO of Barstool--which it dubbed "convergence trailblazers."

According to SRI, this means that these leaders have common qualities that helped enable the leaders to move from one industry to another. 

Curious about one of the telltale signs that an executive is a "convergence trailblazer?

"They build a mosaic of experiences . Linear progression up the career leader was not deemed essential and Trailblazers were prepared to move sideways to better their knowledge. Sarah Treseder worked in multiple sectors including newspaper publishing, gaming, and the drinks industry before becoming CEO of the Royal Yachting Association," SRI wrote in a press release. 

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