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Why the Marriott Vacations CEO Isn't Worried About Airbnb's IPO

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Airbnb is expected to make its public debut on the markets sometime in 2020. 

Marriott Vacations (VAC) CEO Steve Weisz talked to TheStreet about why the company isn't terribly worried about Airbnb's plans to go public and consumer confidence. 

"I think the fact that obviously Airbnb has done a great job of taking a business that's been around for a very long time. People have been renting out space in their homes or apartments for a long time. What they've done is a nice job of being able to commercialize that and putting it into one location. But, the good news is that, you know, in our business, because the type of accommodation we offer is different than typically what you see in an Airbnb location. We don't think there's been much impact," said Weisz. 

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