Why Kiss Legend Gene Simmons Is Betting on Cannabis

Rock legend Gene Simmons is all in on cannabis despite being notoriously anti drugs and alcohol.
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Kiss front-man Gene Simmons has been notoriously anti-drugs and alcohol for years. But, Simmons is now hitching his name to the cannabis industry. He tells TheStreet why he had an about face on the topic. 

Simmons on Tesla's Elon Musk

Simmons may not own a Tesla, but he appreciates what Elon Musk is trying to do. He told TheStreet's Brian Sozzi that "Elon Musk is an absolute rock star because he is not beholden to anybody," Simmons told TheStreet.  More of his thoughts on Tesla and Elon Musk here:  Gene Simmons Is Bullish on Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Market is Headed to 30,000, Says Simmons 

The tongue wagging Kiss front-man says he isn't afraid to make big calls on the stock market. In fact, he has made amazingly accurate predictions in several past interviews with TheStreet.  Now, Simmons tells TheStreet the Dow Jones Industrial Average I:DJI is on the cusp of a major two-year explosion.

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