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Why Kevin O'Leary Changed His Mind About Bitcoin

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Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, was a staunch critic of bitcoin and cryptocurrency...until Feb. 2021.

But, O'Leary notes in the video above, that he bought his first coins in 2017 but "never really spoke about it."

O'Leary said that he now has a 3% weighting between both Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Part of his desire to own cryptocurrencies also comes from the fact that he owns various other currencies since he's a worldwide investor. 

He noted that he liked the fact that, earlier this year, Canadian regulators cleared the path for the launching of the world's first bitcoin ETF.

"So, when that happened, I was able to 'come out' so to speak and say, look, I like this as an idea because I have other investments in currencies," O'Leary explained to TheStreet.

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