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Here's Why Jim Cramer's Looking at Disney's Stock During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Late Thursday, it was announced that there have now been over 25 deaths and over 800 cases of the coronavirus.

Chinese authorities have announced a travel lockdown that includes 12 cities.

Over 35 million people are under travel restrictions in China.

And Shanghai Disneyland has been shut down over concerns of the spread of the virus.

As reported yesterday, the World Health Organization has not declared the coronavirus a global emergency yet.

W.H.O. has said that the outbreak is an emergency in China.

Jim Cramer weighed in on Disney closing Disney Shanghai and what it means for the stock.

"You've got to buy Disney in stages. Disney's having a remarkable year and next year it'll be good because of Disney+. So you strive to think to yourself, when could I have gotten Disney? Because you never thought was going to come down. Now that it's coming down for exaggerated reasons, and I don't regard the statements from Comcast as really impacting Disney because there's so much going for it. You have to buy Disney in stages. You do," said Cramer.  

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