Why Jim Cramer Thinks That Nancy Pelosi Is 'The Dealmaker'

Jim Cramer thinks that there will not be a second government shutdown thanks, in part, to Nancy Pelosi's dealmaking abilities.
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"Nancy Pelosi is the dealmaker, she'll get it done," Jim Cramer said on his daily Facebook live show Wednesday, Feb. 13. 

"Because of her," he continued. "I think we'll get a deal."

Cramer's statements came after CNN reported that Trump was ready to sign the border security deal that Republicans and Democrats had compromised on. The bill will help to prevent another government shutdown. 

The deadline for Congress to pass the bill and get it signed by Trump is Friday, Feb. 15.

Tuesday afternoon, TheStreet's Tony Owusu reported that President Donald Trump doesn't expect a repeat of the shutdown that closed the government for 35 days as Democrats and Republicans fought over funding for a border wall.

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The president gave mixed signals, commenting during a cabinet meeting Tuesday that "I can't say I'm happy," while also reiterating his promise to build a border wall by saying, "We're making a lot of progress," according to The Wall Street Journal.

Trump said he doesn't expect the government to shut down again after Democrats and Republicans announced Monday night that they had reached an agreement that would include $1.38 billion to fund 55 miles of physical barriers.

That capitulation is a fraction of the $5.7 billion Trump requested to build a continuous wall, or fence, across the southern border with Mexico.

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