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Why Jim Cramer Thinks That 5G Isn't Overhyped

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Are you excited about 5G?

Jim Cramer still is. 

And it's a big part of this year's Consumer Electronics Show. 

But is 5G going to be overhyped?

"5G's going to be one of the great secular growth themes of the era. It's much bigger than anybody thinks. I think that people don't realize the latency that we really have in 4G. Look, I was on the road last week and I was trying to get on a couple of different sites and trying to look at different sites and there's always problems...Just always problems. Those problems are gonna go away. Your PC's are going to be better than your TV. Some of them already are. 5G is going to be...everyone has to upgrade. So imagine [3G to 4G] wasn't that big of a deal. So there's still some threes out there. I was in three last week. So we'll go from three to five. Everyone will upgrade. And an upgrade cycle for billions of people is very important," said Cramer. 

Watch the full video above for more. 

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