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Why Jim Cramer Thinks Facebook Could Be a Big Winner in the 2020 Election

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Jim Cramer is weighing in on how Twitter (TWTR) could potentially lose out to Facebook (FB) in the upcoming election.

"It's a certainty that Alphabet (GOOGL) will get some sort of deal, too. Amazingly, the most technically challenged outfit and the one that would have had the most to gain, Twitter, has taken itself out of the race already in a decision that, from a business perspective, is now instantly regrettable," wrote Cramer. "Why would Facebook be the best? First, it's got the biggest reach. Facebook can be targeted geographically to flood the zone so that you wouldn't know anything but Bloomberg if you were an Instagram regular. Second, an odd one, but Bloomberg has so much money that he can design great looking ads, something that Facebook really wants."

So, how exactly can Facebook walk away a winner after the 2020 election?

"See, I mean, here's the thing, you're not going to get on the debate. So remember the debates require you to have a certain number of people giving money. So he has no choice. How does he reach people? Well, to reach older people... [on] conventional TV, analog TV. To reach younger people, he has to go online. Now you can't just go and flood Roku. But what he can do is flood Instagram, to reach younger people. Younger people vote in excess of what they used to. So I think that the way to get them is to is Alphabet, but more importantly, Facebook. So I think Facebook's a big winner if he does spend $1 billion, but he certainly can do," explained Cramer.

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