Jim Cramer: It's Almost as if the Democrats Have a 'Death Wish' Against Trump

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Jim Cramer, when asked about the Democratic debates on TheStreet Live With Jim Cramer and Katherine Ross, noted that the Democrats seem to have a "death wish" when it comes to President Donald Trump.


It's simple, according to Cramer. Senator Bernie Sanders.

So, after last night's debate, which saw former New York City Mike Bloomberg put in the hot seat by other candidates --especially Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren--should Wall Street feel a sense of relief? 

Well, possibly. As Cramer has consistently reiterated, President Trump is positive for the stock market. 

And this is "evidenced in everything from the drug stocks to the industrials to the China stocks. How can Nike be only be up. Proctor doing nothing? I mean, there's a belief that valuations mean multiplization of stocks because things are better than you think under Trump. Trump is--hate him or like him-- very positive for the stock market. A Sanders victory--which is socialist with a lot of communist leanings--does not have the popularity in America that the Democrats seem to ascribe it to. It's almost as if the Democrats have a death wish against Trump because they're not going to unite. They're just going to keep killing themselves," said Cramer.

Watch the full clip above for more.  

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