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Why Jim Cramer Says Uber's a Buy

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Uber is Real Money's stock of the day.

Uber announced the sale of Uber Eats in India to rival Zomato in a $172 million deal.

As part of the deal, Uber Eats India will direct all restaurants, delivery companies and diners to Zomato. No specific financial details were provided, though sources told Bloomberg the value of the Zomato shares Uber will receive is estimated at about $172 million.

Wedbush analysts pointed to the end of "...a dark chapter for Uber Eats in India," which as in other markets has struggled for market share in a crowded space, as Jim Cramer has previously noted when calling for Uber to consider selling Uber Eats. 

Cramer weighed in on the sale of Uber Eats India. 

When asked whether or not Uber should consider selling Uber Eats altogether, Cramer responded that he thinks that this sale is positive for Uber and that Uber is a buy in his eyes following the sale.

Watch the full video above for more. 

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