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Why Jim Cramer Says That Tesla Doesn't Have a Direct Competitor

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Tesla has officially crossed the $100 billion mark. 

The stock is up over 100% in the past three months, and 90% in the past year.

Tesla shares have more than doubled over the past six months as analysts and investors reset profit expectations for the electric car market's industry leader amid stronger-than-expected quarterly delivery figures, the ongoing expansion of production facilities in China and a more disciplined approach to communications and stewardship from founder and CEO Musk.

Jim Cramer wrote about Tesla in his Real Money column Wednesday morning.

The title of his column? "Think of Tesla as a tech equity, not an auto stock."

Cramer weighed more heavily on why Tesla isn't comparable to other auto stocks, such as GM or Ford, over on TheStreet's daily live show.

When asked whether or not Cramer thinks that there could ever be a direct competitor to Tesla, Cramer said--point-blank--No.

Jim Cramer had more to say about Tesla and why he based his morning column on it during TheStreet's live show, which can be watched here. 

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