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Why Jim Cramer Says, 'Let the Market Come in'

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Since Thursday night, when the U.S. announced that it had killed Iran's top general, Qassem Soleimani, in a military strike, there's been quite a few headlines concerning the Middle East.

Following the death, Iran vowed retaliation.

Then the Iraqi parliament voted over the weekend in favor of expelling U.S. military forces in Iraq.

And President Donald Trump responded, saying that the U.S. wouldn’t leave Iraq unless Iaq paid for the airbase and Trump threatened sanctions.

Soleimani's sister, Zeinab Soleimani, vowed revenge in a nationally televised address, while Iran's leaders said they would immediately roll back on commitments linked to the 2015 non-proliferation agreement that Trump abruptly abandoned in 2018.

Jim Cramer had taken to Twitter early Monday morning to say that he wanted the futures down more than they were.

When asked about the market, Cramer responded that the market is too high, but he’s not that concerned about where it is.

“I mean the idea is, let the market come in and then you go buy Procter & Gamble because it has a better yield than the ten-year, which is at 1.7,” said Cramer.

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