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Why Jim Cramer Says the Bull Still Has Room to Run in 2020

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Are you feeling bullish?

Cramer is.

In his Real Money column on Tuesday morning, Cramer broke down his expectations for the stock market going into 2020.

But first, Cramer's calling you out on your pessimism.

"Most people I know don't ask why a stock is going to go higher, they ask, why isn't that stock lower? And that's why I find most people missed a lot of tremendous individual moves. They were too worried about the downside, too set on the potential losses and too willing to suspend their corroded critical faculties -- augmented, often, by a visceral hatred of the president -- to see how the risk-reward changed so drastically in 2019," he wrote.

"Yes, 2019 is the year of Joan Didion, The Year of Magical Stock Thinking," he continued. 

When asked what's keeping him bullish in 2020, Cramer responded. 

"We're not sure exactly what will happen, but we just have to start thinking that we should be willing to pay more if things go right. One of the things I questioned...Hate Trump or like him, and believe me, people know my politics but hate him or like him, he's created an environment that's very positive for business and the bigger his lead gets, the more the stock market will go up. I genuinely believe that," said Cramer on TheStreet's daily live show.

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