Why Jim Cramer Says Americans Should Be Paying Attention to the Push Notifications About the Markets

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Jim Cramer weighs in on whether or not the average American should be listening to the push notifications from major news outlets and act on them.

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Katherine Ross:
Should the average American be listening to the CNN, NBC push notifications that are telling them that the market's kind of volatile right now?

Jim Cramer:
Sure. Because what you want is you want to see whether the market is broken, meaning that there's just these crazy swings where you might be able to buy stocks you really like, a TJX, really down a lot. And that's a great opportunity for the ages. So yeah, you should definitely stay in touch. I find that there's just great bargains, but see when I say the great bargains, this is for people who haven't bought anything. If you bought something, all you're doing is doubling down and getting a second Brioni. But you're not getting it buy one get one. You're getting it, what I regard as relatively full price versus where it might've been a couple of years ago. So if you haven't bought anything, I blessed some of the buys that we've done in action alert. If you have, okay, stay tuned. I'm sure there are a lot of people were saying, you know what, it's bouncing around Dow 800, down 800, down 800 and they want to buy. Again if you haven't bought, yes, I totally agree with that.

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