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Here's Why Jim Cramer Thinks President Trump Changed His China Strategy

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Curious about why President Trump is delaying tariffs on many of the goods that were supposed to be tariffed starting September 1.

Instead, tariffs on things such as cellphones, laptops, etc., are being pushed back to Dec. 15. 

Here's what Cramer had to say about why Trump is willing to meet with the Chinese in two weeks and push back the tariffs. 

"So, you make your calls, you have a lot of people in the administration you talk to and you try to come up with the pastiche of what was happening. Now Navarro had the upper hand, Navarro, certainly, wants to [temper the tariffs], but the president switched and is now being a little more accommodative," said Cramer. "Watch the Chinese be accommodative. Wouldn't that be something? Would that ever fly in the face of everything that the people who are only relying on the inverted yield curve? It would fly in the face of them."

Cramer ended, saying that part of the reason that Trump's changing his tune is due to how this benefits "American industry."

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