Why Jim Cramer Isn't Putting Money to Work Yet

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Jim Cramer's got some thoughts on the market. 

Stocks were falling hard Wednesday amid a lack of specifics from the Trump administration on plans to fight the coronavirus outbreak and as the World Health Organization declared the virus outbreak a pandemic.

"Whites of their eyes. We're going to try to... Some people are going to say this was the retest of Monday. I actually want to see it go through. We're not going to put any money to work until we exceed Monday's lows, which may mean that we don't get anything. We put $40,000 to work yesterday, which is a nice chunk of our... we have $350,000 in cash and we put $40,000 at work. You can hear about that later in our proprietary video. But then you wait. Karen Cramer and I used to just sit here on our hands and say, "Okay, listen, we bought at this level, we can't buy more and that's just undisciplined." So let's take a stock like Disney. Disney, I wanted to buy it, I think it's an interesting stock. It got to 101, 103 and unless it takes out that level, you really shouldn't buy it. That's just discipline," said Cramer. 

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