Why Jim Cramer Is Putting Money to Work

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Jim Cramer breaks down how he's putting money to work. 

"That interest rates are in control. This morning at 3:30, rates were down, so the futures were down big. Rates then went up a little bit and then that sent the stock market up. So the...Issue again, which is that if rates trend down again, this whole market is going to give up its gains. The rates are reflecting I think an Ebola-like nature . The reason I say that is because what happened is, is that where we are and timeline is it looks like that we're about to have a cluster here and then we'll have a death here. And that was the Ebola situation. So it's too early to have a big rally, but we had to put money to work cause we put nothing to work north of 20% cash," said Cramer.  

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