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Why Jim Cramer Is Paying Close Attention to the 'Resilience' of the Market

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 Jim Cramer's paying close attention to the markets. 

When asked what was top of mind for Cramer on TheStreet's daily live show, Cramer responded, "resilience."

More specifically, the resilience of the market. 

"Resilience. We had the market pacing down 500 Dow points. There were people who were selling furiously, believing that we [were inching towards] World War Three, I think is the theme. Then I think other people came in and said, you know what, this is the break I've needed. Maybe we're in a 24/7 market where what happened between eight and 10 is every bit as consequential is what happened is between 9:30 and 4 p.m. It's a little mystifying without Boeing and Walgreens. Both stocks in the Dow and the Dow would be screaming [otherwise]," said Cramer.  

Shortly after Cramer made these comments at 10 a.m., President Trump spoke about the Iran attack, which sent the Dow up over 200 points, or 0.7%. 

Watch the full video above for more.

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